How to handle KN95 respirators correctly

Corresponding to the PPE strategy by the CDC, decontamination recommendations in regards to handling a face mask are as follows:

  • Stay clear of touching the inner side of the mask.
  • Prior to and after touching or adjusting the mask, you must clean your hands with soapy water or an alcohol-based disinfectant with a minimum of 60% alcohol.
  • Constantly verify that the KN95 protective mask parts like nose bridge, bands, as well as nose foam pad did not degrade (which would compromise the mask performance, quality of the fit, as well as the seal).
  • Always visually examine the breathing mask to see whether its condition or function have been compromised.
  • When touching and adjusting the mask, ensure to utilize a pair of tidy (don’t need to be sterile) gloves.
  • Constantly make sure to dispose of a used breathing mask appropriately and also never leave it around, where other people can touch it or use it.